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Quicklink: Another Reason To Leave Internet Explorer

Sep 25, 2006

by Phil Nash

Microsoft is considering the early release of a fix for a bug in Internet Explorer that malicious hackers are actively exploiting online.


Considering? The vulnerability only means that a malicious website can hijack a Windows PC and install anything they want. Anti-Spyware firm Sunbelt-Software have discovered sites using this vunerability to download spyware, including keyloggers, and adware onto unsuspecting users computers. Aren't IE users lucky that Microsoft are thinking about releasing a patch before their monthly update, next due on the 10th of October?

If you have IE and are worried, ZERT have released an unofficial patch for the time being. The other, better option, of course, being to get Firefox or Opera instead.

Update (27/09/06): Microsoft have released the patch now, though they still claim that the attacks they had seen exploiting the bug were very limited.

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