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Accessibility Matters To Amazon

Mar 31, 2007

by Phil Nash

Yesterday I found out that IBM were taking matters of accessibility to a new level by developing a browser that helps the blind and partially sighted deal with mutlimedia content. Today I discover that Amazon is going to collaborate with the National Federation of the Blind in order to "make more improvements for both our sighted customers and those customers who use screen access software to browse and shop the Internet."

As is normal with an announcement about accessibility for the blind, there is a call to not ignore other disabled users. I can't help but think that making inroads to accessibility for one group of less able users will benefit all groups, but I do agree that all should be taken into consideration. Let's hope that the Amazon developers and the NFB work towards the more general goal of accessibility for all, it would seem hypocritical and unfair of an organisation like the NFB to lock down the benefits to blind users only. Let's wait and see.

(found via the Web Standards Project)

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