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Test Centre

Some posts require examples and tests to go alongside. Some of these posts include tips, tricks and other bits that make them worth listing for you. If you are looking for the posts on this site that give you the most, check out the examples below or the articles section.

Javascript Examples

Javascript style sheet switcher.
Change your style sheet using the Javascript DOM. Style sheet switcher example
Style sheet switcher with a dropdown box.
Expanding on the first style sheet switcher by automatically adding any style sheets declared in the head of a document to a dropdown box for easy selection. Dropdown box example.
Sizing font based on screen resolution.
Font sizing example.

CSS Examples

CSS Image Replacement
Using CSS3 content generation to replace text with images in an accessible way. A method for modern browsers and the fix to deal with Internet Explorer.
Cross browser transparent backgrounds.
Using CSS to create transparent backgrounds whilst dealing with Internet Explorer. Cross browser transparency examples.

Unintentionally Blank is Phil Nash's thoughts on web development from 2006-2008. Any code or opinions may be out of date.